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10 Ways to Boost Your Salon Profits This Christmas

Updated: Feb 10

With Christmas almost upon us have you got your holiday season plan in place to optimise your homeware, seasonal gifts, home care retailing and treatment services, and INCREASE YOUR PROFITS.

The pre-holiday build up can be a super profitable time of year with people wanting to get their face and body in great shape for the party season and of course wanting to buy the gorgeous gifts you are retailing in your business. Why not take advantage and do what you do best by providing great service and sell, sell, sell.

Get your business ready with these action points and make the most to BOOST THOSE PROFITS.

If your customers can't see it they won't buy it, so make sure your retail areas are looking their absolute best. How inviting are your retail displays? Make them BIG, BRIGHT and BEAUTIFUL so they stand out to your customers.

Remember to have your impulse buys and stocking fillers for smaller budgets on the front desk, making UP-SELLING quick and EASY for the whole team.

Place gift vouchers around the salon, using them as part of the festive display to raise awareness that gift vouchers are available. Selling gift vouchers regularly helps to keep a HEALTHY CASH FLOW coming into your business and vouchers sold at Christmas will help keep the salon busy in the quieter months of January and February.

Prices need to be visible as customers often feel uneasy having to ask what the price is on a product or kit. Offer them a variety of PRICE-POINTS suiting all budgets from high end gifts for that special someone in their lives through to more moderate pricing for secret Santa and end of term teachers gifts.

Showcase your gifts and treatment services at a pre-Christmas launch party. It sounds obvious but concentrate your events on the last day of the month as most people get paid then and research shows us that 64% of people spend their discretionary income within the first 5 days of being paid. Have plenty of time to allow for short courses to be completed in the run-up to the party season. Invite your regular clients to your VIP event and don't be afraid to ask them to invite their family and friends. Make it a social event and provide short demo's of your 'wow' treatments available so potential new clients get to see what you can do for them and for your existing clients a chance to see what else they might like yo try. Give your guests an opportunity to sample the products, especially those that are in any Christmas kits. And don't forget to gather their contact information (including email addresses) from those new to your business, so you can follow up in the New Year.

Christmas is the ideal time to talk to your clients about the add-on services you provide which offer MASSIVE MARGIN POTENTIAL for you. Are your team talking to eyelash clients about a brow tidy at the same time? Everyone wants to look their best at this time of year but if the team aren't asking them they may not think about it for themselves.

Team training is key to make this season a GREAT SUCCESS and MAXIMISE SALES. Does your team know what you are selling? Have they had the opportunity to try the products? Have they had effective training so they're aware of the business goals for the last quarter of the year? Investing in your teams training is good business practise ensuring the whole team know the cost benefits for the clients they're selling to, who the kits are best suited to and any alternatives from your normal retail range and how the clients should be using them at home, to see the best results. The more knowledge your team have the more confident they will be when explaining it to their clients, the less it will feel like they're having to 'sell' the products, and this always leads to more SALES! Think about what motivates them and generate excitement with your team with their own incentives, to BOOST PRODUCTIVITY throughout this busy period.

When planning your event think about your objectives for the business and what you want to increase sales on. Link this back to your team training so everyone is aware of the goals you want to include with any events, including the individual sales targets and the overall target you've set for the business.

Be prepared that you might have some slower selling Christmas kits and retail products. It's always a good idea to have a contingency plan offering bounce-back offers where the clients get a discounted treatment to use in the quieter post-Christmas season. Don't undervalue yourself with discounts on your products and gifts though. Christmas is generally a time when people are looking for gifts and aren't afraid to spend.

Think about what you can also do to add value to this season. It's worth offering a free-gift-wrap service and include the vouchers in this service. Shoppers appreciate the extra touches so invest in some eye-catching envelops, decorative festive ribbon and small gift boxes.

Ready to take your business to the next level.  Reach out today to book your free discovery call and discover how we can revolutionise your business growth strategy.

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