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5 Ways To Grow Your Email List

In today’s digitally driven world with a myriad of ways to connect, you might wonder.  why bother with an email list?  Email might seem a bit outdated amidst the ease and buzz of social media channels but make no mistake when tech giants like Facebook want to get a message across, what’s their go-to method?  It’s email!  It speaks volumes about the relevance of online communication that the giants still rely on email even in today’s online stage.


So, what exactly is your email list?  Simply put it’s a curated list of email address belonging to both your current clients and potential new ones.  Of course, they’re all obtained with their consent, but they are so much more than that.  They’ve shown an interest in your business and what you’re selling.  Your subscriber list enables you to send targeted emails to your clients, keeping them in the loop about your business, your offers, new treatments, events and so much more.


How does a 4,400% return on investment sound to you?  According to the Direct Marketing Association that’s the ROI you can expect from utilising your own email list.  That means for every $1 you spend on marketing campaigns you will get a $44 ROI.  If you knew you could spend a $100 and get a return of $4400, would you? While sending the occasional email won’t necessarily translate to a windfall, the potential is undeniable.  Compared to the average 341% ROI on social media, it’s evident when you focus on your email list it will add fuel to your business growth.


With a yield of 4,400% on your list it’s worth investing in a decent CRM software package to get the best out of your marketing.


Why is Email Marketing Better When It Comes to Nurturing your Client List?


Unlike social media email is personal landing directly into your client’s inbox, creating a personalised collection of updates and information.   It’s also intentional.  Your clients have already signed up for it and actively chose to engage with your business, making them more receptive to your messages.


Being able to tailor your content to specific segments of your audience you can maximise the relevance of the messages you’re sending.  Each email feels like a personal interaction fostering trust and loyalty.


Most importantly you own your email list.  It’s a valuable asset you control.  If you get locked out of any of your social media channels or the platforms go down you will always have your list of contacts.  It is worth managing and growing an email list for this reason alone.


How Do You Start Building Your Email List?


You need the right tool for the job and booking software, although great for appointment management isn’t efficient enough to manage and grow your email list.  It’s a bit like your craft, you wouldn’t use a paint brush to apply a facial peel.  You need the right tool for the job right?  Dedicated CRM software not only streamlines communication but also ensure your emails reach their intended recipients, avoiding spam filters and boosting engagement.


What Type of Emails Should You be Sending?


There are several that will benefit your business but they boil down to two types – transactional and marketing emails.  Become an email marketing trailblazer with these:


Transactional emails are triggered by specific actions, like booking appointments or making purchases and are typically handled by your booking software.  But don’t limit it.  You can program your software to send out follow-up emails post treatment with reminders on aftercare and to see how your clients are.  You can do the same with product purchase clients with a follow-up email reminding them how to get the most out of their recent purchase.  These little touches keep your client engaged with your beauty business, highlights your excellent customer care and keeps you at the top of their mind.  You’re nurturing a relationship with clients and ensuring that you are their beauty salon of choice.


If you need convincing here’s the stats.  Transactional emails have 8x more opens and clicks than any other type of email and can generate 6x more revenue.  Now read that again! (Experian)


Marketing emails are bulk emails that you send to your email list on a weekly, monthly or even quarterly basis driving both business growth and engagement.  This is where dedicated email marketing software shines.


About 53% of emails are opened on mobiles so make them catchy, concise and to the point, rather than too long resulting in your clients not having the time or wanting to read a lengthy message.


Business to Consumer (B2C) who leverage automated emails have seen conversion rates as high as 50% (eMarketeer).  Emails have a huge financial impact on your business and hopefully by now you can see why it’s worth investing in.


My Top 5 Recommendations for Maximum Success are:


1. Personalise your emails addressing your clients as if you’re speaking to them one-to-one, enhancing connection.


2.    Focus on a single action keeping your emails clear and concise, guiding your clients towards one specific goal.


3.    Your subject line is your email’s first impression so make it count!


4.    Every email should prompt the reader to take a specific action


5.    Monitor open rates, read rates and click-through rates to optimise all future campaigns success.


Now that you understand the power of email marketing, it’s time to act.  The best time to start building your email list was yesterday, the second-best time is today!  Still feeling unsure.  Why not join our club and receive our latest updates and go on the wait list for our membership at the same time and let’s make it happen together!.  Don’t let another opportunity slip away – seize the power of email marketing and watch your business thrive.

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