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In the fast-paced world of the aesthetic and beauty industry, success hinges not only on the quality of your services but also your ability to connect with and engage your clients.  Amidst the whirlwind of daily operations, it’s easy to overlook the goldmine sitting right in your inbox: your customer email list. A well-written newsletter campaign is a highly cost-effective way of reaching almost all of your database.


In contrast to most social media posts which only reach around 5-10% of your followers a newsletter will nurture strong relationships with your clients.  Build trust and brand awareness and provide a highly measurable marketing tool, that you can adapt with those parts that your customers are engaging with.


Gone are the days of bombarding your customers with sales pitches and discount offers, thank goodness!  While discounts may attract some attention initially, relying solely on them in your newsletters can lead to a disengaged audience.  Customers today crave value, a newsletter that enriches their lives beyond just tempting offers.  If your newsletter is solely focused on selling the latest discounts, customers will quickly scroll through and if they don’t find the treatment they desire discounted, they may even opt out altogether.  Instead, aim to provide consistent value that resonates with your audience.  Save your discount offers to promote your last -minute promotions for your clients to take advantage of with one-off email campaigns, and your social media channels.


A strategically constructed newsletter goes beyond promotional content.  It’s an opportunity to educate, inspire, and delight your customers.  Offer skin health tips, delve into the science behind key actives, and share lifestyle changes customers can implement at home for free.


Have a ‘How To’ section in your newsletter.  What are the common questions your customers are asking when they visit you in clinic, such as ‘How do I take care of my skin in the winter?’


By consistently providing valuable insights, you position yourself as a trusted advisor in the eyes of your customers.  Whether its debunking skincare myths or highlighting the benefits of a particular treatment, each newsletter should leave your audience eagerly anticipating the next instalment.


If you have anything exciting happening in your business these are good to keep your customers in the know, via your newsletter.  Have you won an award?  Introduced a new service into your business?  Are you hosting any salon events that month? Expanded your team or are celebrating a big year in your business?  Keeping your customers informed of any important news will keep your clients engaged with you, and your business.


Be sure to have at least one call to action in your newsletter.  This could be to enter a competition you’re running that month, a ‘Book Now’ button to take them to your booking system or a ‘Please contact us for more information on our new service.’  Leave room for any thought other than a flat ‘no’ and make the interaction process as seamless as possible for your customers to make contact.


Don’t forget to end your newsletter with a consistent message thanking your customers for their continued love and support and encourage them to head over to Google to write a review, perhaps offering them a complimentary upgrade on their next visit to your clinic.



Customers are constantly using their mobile devices which is great news for your reach, but it does mean that you’ll only have a few seconds to get their attention before they delete and move on.  Make sure that your e-newsletter is mobile-friendly and the platform you’re using to generate it will automatically adapt it to fit any mobile device.



 Make your email subject line descriptive yet brief and never start with discount offers, exclamation marks, capitals or use the word FREE.  These can be perceived as spam and may affect your delivery rates.



 We all respond positively to our own name.  Most email systems give you the option to personalise your email campaigns with each recipient’s name and if you can always use it.


With over 40% of recipient’s deciding whether to open and read emails based on who’s sent them will determine whether your customer will open your newsletter.  Be clear that the e-newsletter is from your business. Including a small logo at the beginning of your email campaign will reassure your customers and get those all-important clicks.


And don’t forget to inject your clinics personality into your newsletter.  Aim to come across as ‘you.’  Your repeat customers come back year on year to see you so aim to come across with your personality and the tone you want for your business.



 If you’re also creating a regular blog post for your website this gives you ready-made content for your newsletter.  A well-written blog post will demonstrate your expertise and knowledge and is a great way to link back to the full blog post and have more visits to your website.


Just like any other aspect of your business, your newsletter should be strategically constructed.  By developing a well-thought-out yearly strategy, you ensure that each newsletter serves a purpose and aligns with your overarching goals.


Highlight a ‘Product of the Month’ and ‘Treatment of the Month’ to keep your offerings fresh and enticing.  But  remember, these promotions should be part of a larger narrative – one that reinforces your business identity and adds value to your customers lives.


Not sure about creating a regular e-newsletter or blog post for your business.  Don’t worry I can do that for you.


With over 30 years of commercial experience in the aesthetic and beauty sectors I specialise in creating tailored newsletters for clinics, salons and skincare brands.  By leveraging my expertise and strategic planning, I can help you craft newsletters that captivate, inform and inspire your audience.


Together, we’ll develop a bespoke newsletter strategy that speaks to your unique business and clientele.  From content creation to digital distribution, I’ll ensure that each newsletter is thoughtfully curated to keep your customers engaged and wanting to learn more.


Don’t let the potential of your email list go untapped.  Reach out today and book your free discovery call and let’s transform your newsletters into a powerful tool for business growth and customer engagement.

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